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Darren Barden

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“Put simply, this is a fantastic book that everyone should read! Darren's story is both beautiful and inspiring. It is a story of incredible human resilience, and demonstrates our ability to overcome even the most difficult of hardships. Upon reading this book I found that it stirred up almost every possible emotion, from laughter to tears, and I’m so proud of Darren for having the courage to write about his experience.

I sincerely hope that Darren’s story will motivate others to write about the trials they have faced during their lives, and that you take as much inspiration from this book as I did.”  



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Darren Barden was born in Harlow, Essex in October 1967 whose father was a lorry driver and his mother was a cook when not bringing Darren and his sister Teresa up.

He was educated firstly at Milwards Primary School and then on to Stewards Comprehensive School where he was affectionately known by the teachers as a bit of a clown.


Darren enjoyed school but did have, a tendency to bunk off (skip class) not because he disliked school but more for the sheer thrill of it.

He began his work life as a “Sign writer” serving then what was known as a “YTS” (Youth Training Scheme) with a spell 

lorry driving and eventually taking his HGV Class 1. Darren moved in to sales.

He met the love of his life Wendy in 1986 whose parents came in to run Darren`s local pub “The Herald” they married in 1990 and have 2 wonderful children George and Shannon.

Darren had for a long time spoke of New Zealand and after pestering Wendy for some time in 1992 they took the plunge and sold off all their worldly goods and moved to New Zealand quickly followed by Australia.

Following a life changing event Darren has now written his first book and really, hopes that this can be the first of many. Still living in Harlow Darren enjoys his time with Wendy, George and Shannon as well as his new hobby writing.



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